Speed Optimization

What is page speed optimization?

Page speed optimization focuses on improving the speed or load time of your webpages. From a technical standpoint, your load time refers to how long it takes a webpage to load all its content, which can include text, images, and video.

Why is page speed important?


Web users aren’t patient: if a page takes too long for loading they will leave the website. A webpage should therefore load withing a few seconds.
On mobile devices websites sometimes take up to 15 seconds for loading because mobile bandwidth is very limited. Today more than 50% of the web traffic comes from mobile devices so it is crucial for a business to focus on the page speed on mobile devices.


Page speed is a ranking factor for search engines because it plays a decisive role for a good user experience. Improving your site speed will therefore also help you to receive better search engine results.

Where can I see my website page speed?

You can easily test yourself how fast your website is with some online analysis tools. They are completely free to use. Just enter your website URL and click the “Analyze” button.


… is a service provided by Google. It delivers different reports, for desktop, and for mobile devices.. » PageSpeed Insights


… shows how well your site loads and provides recommendations for optimization. » GTmetrix


… identifies what about a webpage is fast, slow, too big, etc. » Pingdom

The results for the loading time (site speed) vary depending on the server location. Some of the above websites let you choose from where your website should be tested. For my Costa Rican clients I use to target the US American market so I always test from a server location in California.

These analysis tools inform you about your website speed, along with a quality score. They additionally provide very detailed information about the bottlenecks and how you can improve your website. Most of these suggestions are quite technical but they are very informative for an experienced webmaster.