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Responsive web design means that the website resizes to any screen size, from large screens to smartphones. We craft our web sites with a mobile-first approach that is responsive across multiple devices. [ See our Webdesign ]

The majority of online traffic today comes from mobile devices and Google has transitioned to a „mobile-first“ advocacy where mobile friendly sites also rank higher in search results.


It’s not enough to have a mobile responsive website. Your pages should also load fast. Web sites using free templates or website builders often load slowly because they use too many plugins and large images. [ Check your web site speed ]

Mobile users often have limited bandwidth, so any overhead should be avoided. Page speed is also important for SEO and for reducing bounce rates.


We build websites from the outset with search engine visibility in mind. Keep in mind that earch Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. With our built in SEO tools website owners can easily make updates. Performance can be monitored with an analytics program.

As an additional service we provide ongoing SEO, with site monitoring and regular updates.
PHP FormMail Generator - A free tool to create ready-to-use web email forms with file upload, auto-response email, and dependent dropdowns.
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